Frequently asked questions

  1. Accessing without snow tires?
  2. How to access the nearest ski-lifts?
  3. Booking ? Price ?  
  4. Linen ... ?
  5. Grocery stores and shops nearby...?
  6. And for small children, what's available?
  7. For non-skiers

Accessing without snow tires or chains?

In spite of the road being de-iced every day,  it is highly recommended that you have a pair of chains or snow tires in winter (especially January and February). The altitude of the hamlet is 1600 m!
is easy when the road is not iced, but remember that good conditions to going up, does not mean that you will encounter the same ones going down!
You do not need a car 
neither in the hamlet, nor in the resort.
Car park are free in "Le Planay Dessus"  and  "downtown Sainte Foy".
Tip: Leave one car only in Planay Dessus (at 1600m) and the other car in downtown Sainte Foy (1100m and accessible without special equipment)

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How to access the nearest ski lifts, shops and restaurants?

By ski: In winter, the Nordic trail leads you down to the ski resort, without effort; 5 min by foot and 4 mn skiing down  to Sainte-Foy Bonconseil. 
Skiing back directly to the chalet
requires "2 stars ski level" :  There is a small path leading you downhill from the slopes (La chapelle Saint Guerrin) to the chalet without pushing on poles!

By foot : Same path, this is a very nice walk, the nature is superb and you will pass in front of some historical  ruins.   It is very easy,  even with children. 15mn to go and 20mn to come back.


How to book ? Price?

Price:        Winter :    between 1800€   and 3400€ (French children holidays)
    Summer:    between 1600€ and 1800€
sleeps up to 14 people.

Utilities (electricity, heating, water and wood) are included in prices.

Changeover Day: Saturday 14h to  Saturday 11h. Sunday possible on request
Booking Deposit:
25 %  (or 10% when booking and 15% 4 months before arrival)
Damage Deposit:
500 € with cheque on a French bank or cash (or equivalent in $, £, other currencies possible)
Free car park at 50m from the chalet

To book this property or for info, please contact the owners direct :
Jean-Christophe and Marie-Anne
Tel : +
33 6 60 38 40 33


Beds, linen ... ?

Sheets can be furnished, if requested while booking.

Room N°1: double bed 160X200 with queen comforter (240X220) and blanket
Room N°2: 2single beds can be re-arranged as a double bed (160X200cm). with quenn comforters and blankets
Room N°3: double bed 170X200 with comforter and blanket
Room N°4: 2 single beds 80X200 and 2 bunk beds 75X200 with with comforters and blankets
Room N°5: 2 single beds 80X200 and 2 bunk beds 80X200 with comforters and blankets

Room N°1 and N°2 are best suited to accomodate a baby craddle.

Towels for bath and kitchen can be furnished, if requested while booking.


Grocery stores and shops nearby ... ?

Sherpa grocery store at Sainte-Foy resort,  in front of the ski-lifts.
Fresh bred in the morning and at 16h, so that you can bring it back skiing the last slope of the day! 
Alternatively, the chalet is equipped with an automatic bread machine. Just bring wheat flour, salt and dry yiest.

Another grocery store is located in Sainte-Foy downtown at 6 km, on the way to Bourg St Maurice, les arcs and La Rosière.

And for small children, what's available?

Baby bed, high chairs, children cutlery, games, skids  (please request while booking).

BonConseil ski resort offers children facilities :
- Kids
club " Les P'tits Trappeurs " will look after children aged 3 to 11 from 8.45am to 4.45pm Sunday to Friday (closed Saturday)
Activities include: sledging, making snowmen, arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor games…
Prices :  Half day with meal : €43     Full day : €41      Full day with meal : €51
They can take care of the connection between the ESF and the kids' club. Children can be accompanied and picked up at the ESF.
Tel :+33 479 06 97 92 - +33 479 06 98 17

- Club Premiere neige
Babysitting is available from 7pm, the babysitting service starts from 18€ per hour.

- Ski school
Children from 3 years old
Sunday (or Monday) to Friday inclusive
9.30 - 12 noon or 2.30 - 5 pm
We recommend morning courses. Booking in advance is important, especially during the busy season.
Tel./fax : +33 (0)4 79 06 96 76

For non skiers?

Explore Sainte Foy on foot or snow shoes.
Take one of the mountain paths that winds its way through the pine forests to one of the charming alpine hamlets like Le Monal, Le Planay or the Sainte Guerin chapel.
Snow shoes can be rented from the ski shops at the resort.
Information and booking  at office de Tourisme : +33 (0)4 79 06 95 19

Dog sledging
Discover the snow-covered landscapes of Sainte-Foy by driving your own sled pulled by your own team of dogs led by professional guides. Halfday, whole day, or  two days with a  night in a  refuge.

Guided tour
A guided visit of the baroque church at Villaroger, and the rural, religious and architectural heritage at the hamlets of La Masure and Le Miroir. 30mn by foot from Chalet "Les Vernettes".
This 3 hour visit can be led by a local guide. At the end of your visit you will have the opportunity to taste a local sweet speciality known as "farcon".

For seasonned pilots, taking off and landing is possible , right in front of Chalet "Les Vernettes" in Planay Dessus.
For paragliding instruction and tendem flights:

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